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You decide how often you want to receive a reminder. Opening the app and favouriting a photo takes less than a few seconds. That is how easy it is.

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Simply connect your Google Photos or social media accounts to combine all your photos and find your favourites in the clutter. 

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All your favourites are securely saved in the cloud and easily accessible in our app. Never worry again about losing your favourites!

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"I'm keeping up with my favourites in just a few minutes per week! Having a great overview of my best photos"
Started 30 days ago
"I've noticed that I'm looking at my favourite photos again, so much fun memories!"
Started 60 days ago
"Love your life again! No more swiping through rubbish and now every swipe in my camera roll is a treat!"
Started 120 days ago
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Jeffrey, CEO & co-founder

Why Favourites+?

My iCloud is cluttered with great photos, average ones that are nice to have and stuff that I don't really need. Besides that, my photos are scattered across different accounts and people. Favourites+ helps me to get my photos to one place and only favourite the ones I really like. All the other stuff is still in my iCloud and Google Photos. We made Favourites+ to be my digital treasure with only the best photos in life. I can honestly say I feel proud and fulfilled about my life’s greatest moments.

My advice

Instead of spending more time on Instagram, I'm taking a couple of minutes per week to enjoy my favourites. Looking back on those great moments when I lived in China, Ireland and the Philippines, or became a first time dad nine months ago, makes me realize that life has so much to offer. By keeping up with your favourites, you can do the same!

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