Favourites+ helps you to stay on top of your photo collection and reminds you every time you’re going to miss out.
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Collect your best

Simply swipe 10 photos a day and we help you stay on top

Peace of mind

We’ll help you do something about the photo clutter on your phone

Earn free prints

Earn coins to print your photos for free, every time you reach a milestone!

How does it work?

Swipe your 10 a day

And keep the stress at bay! Easily swipe through 10 photos a day and create the photo collection you’ve dreamed of!

Earn free prints

Earn coins by reaching milestones and print free photos - even with a free account!

I remind you

Time flies. We know. So let us help you with our free reminder service.

Your favourites
in one place

Keep it in app or sync it with your Apple Favourites, and finally have a photo collection to be proud of!

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